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About the Founders

Mr. Bola Osikoya & Mrs. Veronica Deborah Osikoya (missionary couple of over forty years) founded the parenthood foundation international in 1999 as an advocacy group that fights against marital disharmony in all its forms.

These experienced marriage counsellors have the vision to help parents through training and counselling and embrace a team relationship based on love complementarity in the home for the raising of godly children who will grow up to be dependable future citizens and servant-leaders.

They initiated the annual Parents’ Day celebration, which takes place every July 20th for the propagation of the integrity of the family and the appreciation of parents who have achieved the desired marital harmony. They currently publish PARENTS GUIDE, a quarterly magazine for the promotion of a healthy family life.

Their exposure to handling various challenges crippling marriages makes them well suited to counsel marital/family-related issues. Contact them today to reposition your marriage to a greater height.

Our Vision

Our vision is to preserve family heritage, strengthen marital union for proper parenting.

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Be a part of the transformation

It all starts with your choice to act instead of looking away. You meet a need to transform families, which starts a chain reaction. Your action has the power to transform a life, a family, society and the entire nation at large.