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What We Do

Parenthood Foundation Mission Schools

Our brand, Parenthood Foundation Mission Schools™, was birthed 21 years ago by the Missionary Couple Bola & Deborah Osikoya to salvage the future of children born by parents who had no proper parenting themselves. Then, it was called CHOSEN GENERATION HOME SCHOOLS. This was a huge feat and a means of giving back to society and Nation building. Then it was not commercialised as most parents were either not gainfully employed or simply surviving.

Today the school has been able to restructure and build up so many erstwhile children from broken families into decent young men and women who are all over the globe, doing well in their separate endeavours and, above all, properly married.

YOU also, can be a part of this great mission by joining us in all our meetings both virtual and physical. We look forward to seeing your selflessness and love for humanity as we join hands together to build THE NIGERIA OF OUR DREAMS.

Giving Back to Society

Fix-Yourself-Initiative Programme

The axiom “Fix-Yourself- Initiative” expresses the desire to train, cater, support and guild young people early in life to develop love for family values, Life Skills, amongst others, in other to become successful in life.

Self-development is a lifelong process of building through a learning, development, and mastery continuum. This process enables young people to be in charge of their life, with enough focus and direction for stability, flexibility, and adaptability for change along the way.

Fix-Yourself Initiative is working with schools, churches, and youth organizations to cascade the training programme to young people in the country. Distinguished personalities who have excelled in their various fields of endeavours are invited from time to time to anchor the training programmes.

Photo: Mrs. B. Edugbo, a renowned Counselling Psychologist taking one of the training sessions.

Become a volunteer

Be a part of the transformation

It all starts with your choice to act instead of looking away. You meet a need to transform families, which starts a chain reaction. Your action has the power to transform a life, a family, society and the entire nation at large.