Benefits of A Godly Marriage

Did you know… that 89% of marriageable men remain unmarried simply because they don’t understand that marriage is actually a blessing and a gift from God to mankind and not a prison as some feel?

Many do not know the benefits of a godly marriage reason why they remain unmarried or are married for the wrong reasons while some though married remain unproductive in their marriages and end in disaster…

Benefits of a godly Marriage — [excerpts from the weekly FAMILY ALTAR OF THE PFI (22nd MARCH 2021)]

1. Peace:- the absence of strife or rancour.

2. Sharing of ideas.

3. Companionship:- Two is better than one.

4. Transparency and trust

5. Love and total submission to God

6. Willingness to forgive and forget

7. Honour, respect, and prestige:- Marriage comes with responsibility which makes one respected in the society.

8. Posterity is preserved.

9. The one completes or complements the other.

The list is unending.

Marriage as we have been taught is a LIVING ENTITY, having its own life and blood. Your marriage will either take you to heaven or hell!

You are made to marry and fulfil purpose.

Let us all rise up today to serve God in our homes and in the lives of our spouses, and as we do so, our families and the world at large will be a better place to live in.


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