Law of Achievement

[excerpts from the weekly MOHA Seminar (The first meeting of the year 2021)]

The first meeting of the year 2021 was held today at the Hall of PFMS College.

It was well-attended and thought-provoking.

The topic treated in the Men’s parade was HOW TO BE IN CHARGE IN A DEPRESSED WORLD.

The facilitator, Dr. Edugbo, opened our eyes to understanding the true meaning of BEING IN CHARGE!

Many are of the erroneous belief that money puts you in charge, whereas the reverse is the case.

For a man to be in charge, as we were made to understand today, involves putting the LAW OF ACHIEVEMENT in place.

The Laws of Achievement ✅

1. The law of Vision

As far as your eyes can see…

2. The Law of Hope

Hope keeps your vision alive…

3. The law of Faith.

This is the substance of things you are hoping for, the evidence of your yet-to-manifest vision.

4. The law of Character

A man without godly character is as good as dead. You need character to achieve and build your vision.

5. The Law of planning and action

Without taking the necessary steps towards the actualization of your vision, you might not achieve anything.

Only achievers can take charge in a depressed world!

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